the autumn with Cader Idris - Wales

The best places to spend the autumn are certainly not the sunny beaches but rather the rainy, cloudy and wet valleys of Wales.
The ever changing light over the landscapes of the Snowdonia National Park will amaze You by the varity of its greens. Wild areas of moorland, lakes, pastures and peaks should be the perfect playground for nature lovers. Tough walks over rough terrain will lead You to remoted places full of legends, old beliefs and natural wonders. The walks are indeed accessible to children (used to moutain walks).

A good place to start a walk over Cader Idris - 2nd highest peak of Snodownia NP - is Dolgellau - a cosy and friendly little town. 

a place to have a cream tea

Coming back from the mountains - wet and exhausted - have a cream tea (tea, scones and clotted cream) at TH Roberts coffee house (Glyndwr Str.): an old victorian shop transformed in a nice café. 

a place to stay?

Need a cosy home to come back to: Under the Thatch! You'll find an original, pretty cottage to stay, for sure!

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